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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MS Vat. Copto 27 - Ziakwn Service Book

I would like to thank Mr. Rafik Adel, Alexandria School Magazine, for uploading this precious MS on the internet.

Date: Mr. Rafik mentioned that it belongs to the 15th century
A good note is that the name of pope John XIII (1483-1524 A.D) is mentioned in the hymn Ευχές 
. So it may be either dated to the 16th century or this pope's name is added to the MS later.
Another note, The name of the Pope John is mentioned in the Popes Litany at Page cn?b? so it is probable that the name is added in a late time of transcription.

Language: Greek and Coptic with Arabic Translation.
The prayer titles are in Arabic or Coptic with Arabic translation.


  1. Altar and Congregation Responses for the Liturgies; Basil, Gregory, Cyril.
  2. Concluding Kanwns (that is chanted at the end of the liturgy prayers).
  3. Psalis for Koiak:
    • Watos Psali before the Communion Amwini throu 'en ouqelhl.
    • Adam Psali before the Communion Amwini marenouw]t.
    • Watos Psali after the 3rd ode Ariyalin.
    • Adam Psali Ariyalin.
    • Adam Psali Amwini nilaoc `nxrictianoc.
    • Psali (the first words and the title are not clear).
    • Watos Psali Aicwtem enica' `nte ;ekklhcia.
    • Watos Psali Aier\elphc epekoujai.
    • Watos Psali Aiw] `nta`cmhi.

You Can Download the complete MS.

Monday, January 7, 2013

My Books Collection

The following printed liturgical books (Ordered by date of photographing) were photographed by me through my simple mobile cam.

I wish to get the chance to scan them for a better quality photocopy (Pray for that).

  1. كتاب دورة عيدي الصليب والشعانين وطروحات الصوم الكبير والخمسين، طُبع على نفقة القمص عطالله أرسانيوس المحرقي، طُبع بأمر صاحب النيافة الأنبا أثناسيوس مطران بني سويف القائم مقام البطريركي، 1958م - 1675ش

  2. كتاب التماجيد المقدسة، عني بطبعه وجمعه القمص عطالله أرسانيوس المحرقي، طُبع في عهد قداسة البابا المعظم الأنبا شنوده الثالث، 1689ش - 1972م
    Parts 1 2 3

  3. كتاب ترتيب البيعة عن مخطوطات البطريركية بمصر والأسكندرية ومخطوطات الأديرة والكنائس، دراسة مقارنة أعدها الراهب صموئيل السرياني (الأنبا صموئيل أسقف شبين القناطر) ( 3 أجزاء)

  4. كتاب دلال أسبوع الآلام، المشتمل على ترتيب أسبوع الآلام من يوم سبت لعازر إلى يوم الاثنين شم النسيم، طُبع على نفقة القمص عطالله أرسانيوس المحرقي، في عهد غبطة البابا المعظم الأنبا كيرلس السادس، (تقريباً سنة 1971م)
    Parts 1 2

  5. كتاب  طروحات وأبصاليات برموني عيدي الميلاد والغطاس، الطبعة الثانية، 1699ش - 1983م
    Parts 1 2 3

  6. كتاب "تمجيد للشهيد مارمينا بخط يد البابا كيرلس السادس"، اصدار أبناء البابا كيرلس. (تاريخ المخطوط الاثنين 26 مسرى 1657ش - 1 سبتمبر 1941م)

Monday, December 17, 2012

Koiak Paslmody Manuscript

Adam Psali on the 2nd Ode


Seller Information

What you see is a leaf from an old Coptic manuscript titled “Psalmody for the month of Kiahk” .
This is a handwritten 1 leaf with 2 pages .
It is undated but seems to be written in early 1800'S .
The script is written in Coptic & Arabic with different colors.
As you can see, the leaf is affected by foxing and some worming.
Little damage is seen over the borders.
It measures 9.5" x 6.5"."


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Some Koiak Psalmodies Pages

Here I am showing various pages of MSs that I found dispersed on the internet.

  1. A page of MS (17~19 century) showing the start of Koiak psalmody.

  2. Folio showing the start of Koiak Psalmody.
    MS 383 Rites, The Syrian Monastery, Egypt.

  3. 2 folios showing explanation parts of Saturday Theotokia in Sunday vesper praises.

  4. Folio showing the 1st to 3rd Bohairic explanation parts of Saturday Theotokia in Sunday vesper praises.
    Folio 32V of MS: 32 Coptic
    National Library, Paris

  5. A page of MS (322 Rites, St. Paul Monastery, Egypt) showing the start of mid night praise (Twounou).

  6. Koiak Psalmody showing Adam Psali before the 3rd Ode (:]ep`\mot `ntotk)

  7. Incomplete - Not Arranged - Koiak Psalmody

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tartib Al-Baya ترتيب البيعة

This very valuable book was published by the late Anba Samu'il The bishop of Shibin Al-Qanater.

He used many manuscripts entitled "Tartib Al-Baya ترتيب البيعة" which were specific to illustrate the rites of each day of the Coptic year in detail; including the gospel responses for Vespers, Matin and the Liturgy. Beside the long concluding "Kanoons", "Tawafat", Praxis Responsese, "Mohayer", ... etc.

He used the following MSs:

  1. MS of Al-Dar Al-Patriarchia in Cairo dated 1160 Coptic (=1444 or 1445 A.C) which he used the symbol P to refer to.
  2. MS of Paromeos Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, Cairo dated 1230 Coptic (=1513 or 1514 A.C) which he used the symbol B to refer to. [1]
  3. MS of Saint Anthony Monastery in Eastern Desert, Cairo dated 1377 Coptic (=1660 or 1661 A.C) which he used the symbol A to refer to.
  4. MS of Syrian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, in Cairo dated 1414 Coptic (=1688 or 1689 A.C) which he used the symbol S1 to refer to.
  5. MS of Al-Dar Al-Patriarchia in Alexandria dated 1432 Coptic (=1704 or 1705 A.C) which he used the symbol Al to refer to.
  6. MS of Syrian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, in Cairo dated 1435 Coptic (=1718 or 1719 A.C) which he used the symbol S2 to refer to.
  7. MS of The Angel church in Seberbay, Tanta dated 1584 Coptic (=1867 or 1868 A.C) which he used the symbol T to refer to.

He published the MSs in a comparative way in a book of 3 volumes entitled "Tartib Al-Baya (Church Ritual Order)", with translating some Coptic prayer texts in Arabic.
Anba Samu'il really deserves respect for this great effort to publish these MSs.

Unfortunately I do not obtain any of these MSs, but I got the book and used my simple mobile cam to make soft photos of the book pages. Actually I got a bad soft copy, but I saw many people asking and searching for that book so I published it hoping to get a better copy in a soon coming future.
Only these 2 page did I found on the internet entitled "Tartib Al-Baya" MS

One Folio of Tartib Al-Baya
The Holy lent rites

Part of a page of Tartib Al-Baya MS
No. 118 in Al-Dar Al-Patriarkia in Cairo
The Coptc hymn :epictoli of the Great Friday of Pascha Week

You can download the 3 volumes as PDF
Vol 1 (Thout, Paopi & Hathor) (Handwriting)
Vol 2 (Kiahk, Tobi & Meshir) (Printed)
Vol 3 (Lent, Holy 50, Paramhat to Nasi) (Printed)

[1] In his article about "Gospel Responses in Coptic Rites مردات الأناجيل في الطقس القبطي"- Maktabat Al-Askandarya Magazine, father Makar Al-Paramosy talked about the Gospel response of the 2nd month of Hathor's eve mentioning that it is taken from Tartib Al-Baya MS dated 1514 A.D. He mentioned that this MS is divided into 2 parts, 1. 6/280 & 2. 6-279 (Rite), Paramose. But I am not sure if it is the one that bishiop Samu'il used since I checked the book for the meant Gospel response but found that they are not the same.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Liturgical Services Handwriting Book

Date: 6 Tut, 1491 (Coptic) = September 14th, 1774 AD.
Language: Arabic and Bohairic 
Pagination: No Numbers.
Contents :

  1. The Unction Prayer.
  2. ApuTarpo Prayer.
  3. Prayer used on the 3rd day after one's death.
  4. The hymn Καὶ ὑπὲρ τοῦ καταξιωθῆναι ἡμᾶς .
  5. The hymn Άγιος ὁ Θεός.
  6. Giving the incense to the Cross icon.

Additional Informtation:
The Copyist is father Gabriel St. Anthony. It was copied to Fr. Youhanna Amonius

You can download the whole manuscript as PDF

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Horologion Handwriting Book

Date: 19th century.
Language: Arabic and Bohairic Coptic.
Pagination: Coptic Epact Numbers.
Contents :
The seven prayers of the day and night (The Horologion).

It contains a kinda strange rites of the prayers that is different from nowadays horologion rite ; for example: a sermon for St. Gregory is written before the Prime hour's psalms - very different prayers after the prime gospel which is different from Morning Doxology too , which is known to be the old text of the prayers after prime gospel.

Additional Informtation:
"The scribe and the owner’s names are missing, but this manuscript can be assumed to be Fr. Salama’s when he was nominated to be, and later became, ordained as the deputy patriarch of Pope Demetrius II in 1862." (quoted from Source)

Mr. Hany N Takla, St. Shenouda the Archimandrite Coptic Society, commented on this post :
"The scribe of this manuscript is Fr. Youhanna al-Nasikh, later Pope Cyril V. This copy was photographed by me in 2008."

Some pages are damaged throughout the book.

You can download the whole manuscript as PDF