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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

MS Vat. Copto 27 - Ziakwn Service Book

I would like to thank Mr. Rafik Adel, Alexandria School Magazine, for uploading this precious MS on the internet.

Date: Mr. Rafik mentioned that it belongs to the 15th century
A good note is that the name of pope John XIII (1483-1524 A.D) is mentioned in the hymn Ευχές 
. So it may be either dated to the 16th century or this pope's name is added to the MS later.
Another note, The name of the Pope John is mentioned in the Popes Litany at Page cn?b? so it is probable that the name is added in a late time of transcription.

Language: Greek and Coptic with Arabic Translation.
The prayer titles are in Arabic or Coptic with Arabic translation.


  1. Altar and Congregation Responses for the Liturgies; Basil, Gregory, Cyril.
  2. Concluding Kanwns (that is chanted at the end of the liturgy prayers).
  3. Psalis for Koiak:
    • Watos Psali before the Communion Amwini throu 'en ouqelhl.
    • Adam Psali before the Communion Amwini marenouw]t.
    • Watos Psali after the 3rd ode Ariyalin.
    • Adam Psali Ariyalin.
    • Adam Psali Amwini nilaoc `nxrictianoc.
    • Psali (the first words and the title are not clear).
    • Watos Psali Aicwtem enica' `nte ;ekklhcia.
    • Watos Psali Aier\elphc epekoujai.
    • Watos Psali Aiw] `nta`cmhi.

You Can Download the complete MS.


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