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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tartib Al-Baya ترتيب البيعة

This very valuable book was published by the late Anba Samu'il The bishop of Shibin Al-Qanater.

He used many manuscripts entitled "Tartib Al-Baya ترتيب البيعة" which were specific to illustrate the rites of each day of the Coptic year in detail; including the gospel responses for Vespers, Matin and the Liturgy. Beside the long concluding "Kanoons", "Tawafat", Praxis Responsese, "Mohayer", ... etc.

He used the following MSs:

  1. MS of Al-Dar Al-Patriarchia in Cairo dated 1160 Coptic (=1444 or 1445 A.C) which he used the symbol P to refer to.
  2. MS of Paromeos Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, Cairo dated 1230 Coptic (=1513 or 1514 A.C) which he used the symbol B to refer to. [1]
  3. MS of Saint Anthony Monastery in Eastern Desert, Cairo dated 1377 Coptic (=1660 or 1661 A.C) which he used the symbol A to refer to.
  4. MS of Syrian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, in Cairo dated 1414 Coptic (=1688 or 1689 A.C) which he used the symbol S1 to refer to.
  5. MS of Al-Dar Al-Patriarchia in Alexandria dated 1432 Coptic (=1704 or 1705 A.C) which he used the symbol Al to refer to.
  6. MS of Syrian Monastery in Wadi Al-Natrun, in Cairo dated 1435 Coptic (=1718 or 1719 A.C) which he used the symbol S2 to refer to.
  7. MS of The Angel church in Seberbay, Tanta dated 1584 Coptic (=1867 or 1868 A.C) which he used the symbol T to refer to.

He published the MSs in a comparative way in a book of 3 volumes entitled "Tartib Al-Baya (Church Ritual Order)", with translating some Coptic prayer texts in Arabic.
Anba Samu'il really deserves respect for this great effort to publish these MSs.

Unfortunately I do not obtain any of these MSs, but I got the book and used my simple mobile cam to make soft photos of the book pages. Actually I got a bad soft copy, but I saw many people asking and searching for that book so I published it hoping to get a better copy in a soon coming future.
Only these 2 page did I found on the internet entitled "Tartib Al-Baya" MS

One Folio of Tartib Al-Baya
The Holy lent rites

Part of a page of Tartib Al-Baya MS
No. 118 in Al-Dar Al-Patriarkia in Cairo
The Coptc hymn :epictoli of the Great Friday of Pascha Week

You can download the 3 volumes as PDF
Vol 1 (Thout, Paopi & Hathor) (Handwriting)
Vol 2 (Kiahk, Tobi & Meshir) (Printed)
Vol 3 (Lent, Holy 50, Paramhat to Nasi) (Printed)

[1] In his article about "Gospel Responses in Coptic Rites مردات الأناجيل في الطقس القبطي"- Maktabat Al-Askandarya Magazine, father Makar Al-Paramosy talked about the Gospel response of the 2nd month of Hathor's eve mentioning that it is taken from Tartib Al-Baya MS dated 1514 A.D. He mentioned that this MS is divided into 2 parts, 1. 6/280 & 2. 6-279 (Rite), Paramose. But I am not sure if it is the one that bishiop Samu'il used since I checked the book for the meant Gospel response but found that they are not the same.


Ramez said...

Where is part 3 of Tartib Albay3a?

Ramez said...

can you please post part 3 too?

Amir Latif said...

I manage to upload it soon (printed and hand written copies) but I am just seeking to get some time

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