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Friday, August 3, 2012

Eulogies Handwriting Book

A page showing the writer's name
Type: Saints Eulogies.
Author: Abu Al-Saad Al-Aboteji. [1]
Language: Arabic.
Pagination: Coptic Epact Numbers.
Dimensions: 23.0 cm x 16.0 cm x 3.0 cm.


Baddo Al-Dunia Eulogy.
Virgin Mary Eulogy.
Story of Armanios King of Tarsus.
Saint John Chrysostom Eulogy.
Prince Theodore of Amasea Eulogy.
Saint Victor (Boktor) Eulogy.

It is pretty to find a book belonging to Abu Al-Saad Al-Aboteji - a famous eulogies writer of Koiak month Virgin eulogies.
You can read his name in the shown picture:
"من قول أبو السعد"

Unfortunately it is missing the first & last few leaves, so it is undated. The title page is also missing.

Here are some of the seller information about it:
"The text is narrated with colloquial spoken language with rhymed prose. The slang is very musical and attractive.
The manuscript is missing the first 2 leaves and the last part of the book (I do not know how many leaves, so it is not complete and containing 153 leaves with 306 pages.
It is unbound and the spine is loose.
The leaves are in good condition with minimal foxing worm holes which makes its age not more than 150 years."

You can download it as PDF ( I only got 10 pages that the seller has provided- arranged as possible).


1 Abu tij (in Asiut). He was firstly a dangerous magician, but he repented and started composing eulogies. (الابصلمودية السنوية, طبعة دير البرموس).


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