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Friday, August 24, 2012

Euchologion Handwriting Book

First Page

I got this this truly beautiful book from a pin friend called "Mena Adel Moustakeem".

Language: Bohairic Coptic text. Arabic prayers titles and rubrics.

Contents: Priest Prayers of;
01. Raising of Incense (Vespers then Matins). (Pages 008R-031R-040V)
02. The Offertory Prayer. (Pages 040V- 048V)
03. The Liturgy of The Word. (Pages 048V-055V)
04. Liturgy of St. Basil. (Pages 055V-118V)
*Some fractions are included beside that of St. Basil liturgy: (086R-105R)
The short fraction (Al-Wagiza) "V; vhetafer`\mot nan",
the 1st Lent
"`Nqok gar pe V;",
the Resurrection fraction to The Father "``Vnhb V; pipantokratwr" [1],
the Nativity "V; pidhmiourgoc" [2],
a fraction for the virgin-angels & the saints "V; vhetafqamio `n\wb niben",
and "|hppe efxh neman"[3] .
05. At the end of the book: The offertory prayer, The 1st Lent fraction (the fraction seems to be added in a later date than that of the book)

**Rarely did the copyist write the rubrics and he only mentioned the major priest prayers. However, the congregation and diakwn responses locations inside the prayers could be noticed as the copyist- sometimes- highlighted the beginning of each new prayer text- with or without spaces or line breaks- by a capital red letter of the starting word.

Date: Unknown. But the name of the pope "Petros" is mentioned in "The Absolution of The Servants" in the page 47R and also in the fathers litany page 57R&72R;
so the date of transcription may be between (1810-1854)- if the meant pope is the Pope Petros VII (Al-Gawli),
or between (1718-1726)- if the meant one is Pope Petros VI [4].

Additional Information:
Each two pages are enumerated with an Arabic numbers in the upper of the right page. The first number appearing in the book is 8. (I think that the book owner put those numbers).

**There is 1 missed page (23 Recto - last part of The Holy Place Litany and the Nature- 3 litanies after the Vesper's Gospel). It seems that some few pages- may be 2- are missed between 70R and 71V - and about 2 before 108R. [5]

You can download the book as PDF.

[1] Vnhb `Po/c/ V; pipantokratwr. as written in "الخولاجي المقدس, القمص عبد المسيح المسعودي, الطبعة الأولى, 1902م" .

[2] Vnhb `Po/c/ pennou; pidhmiourgoc. as written in "الخولاجي المقدس, القمص عبد المسيح المسعودي, الطبعة الأولى, 1902م" .

[3] This fraction is given the title (Fraction to the father for the feasts of the celestial), in the euchologion of Fr. Abd Al-Massih Al-Massoudy (1902) Raphael Tuki (1736)

[4] It can not be dated to (1340-1348) (Pope Petros V) as St. Rewiss (reposed at 18 Oct. 1404) is mentioned in the Commemoration prayer.

[5] You are easily able to notice the presence of missed pages even if you do not know the full prayers, as the copyist used to write- down each page- about 2 letters of the starting word of the next page. (Check it)


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