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Monday, July 2, 2012

Psalies Manuscript

Folio 024 (Vesro and Recto)
Showing a watos psali for 17 Thout-Nyarouz feast

  • This Manuscript contains psalies starting from Thout to the end of Tobi written in Coptic with Arabic titles.

  • It consists of 180 folios with some missed.

  • The book contains Some Pages with no title.
    It seems that some pages are lost as the Cross Adam psali (as an example) is not complete and the ending footer of some pages do not match the header of the following. Besides, the Psali of St. John the Baptist is entitled (Another Adam Psali for John the Baptist)
    "وايضاً ابصالية ادام ليوحنا المعمداني"

  • It has no signature indicating the copyist identity or the date of copying.
    Dr. Youhanna N Youssef says that it goes back to the 18th or 19th century, and it is written with iron ink reacting with the papers and carbon ink dissolving by humidity.


(According to the given titles)
  1. Psali Watos "Aicwtem `nnica'" (7 pages)
  2. Psali Adam (year-round) "Aina\; eqbe vai" (8 pages)
  3. Psali Watos (Nayrouz) "Amwini throu" (6.5 pages)
  4. Psali Adam (Nayrouz) ":naouw]t `mmok" (7.5 pages)
  5. Psali Watos (Cross) "Ariyalin evhetaua]f" (10.5 pages)
    This one is different from the Psali in Psalis book
  6. Psali Adam (Cross) "Anon 'a nipictoc" (~ 8 pages)
    This one is different from the Psali in Psalis book
  7. Psali Watos (Cross) "Ariyalin w nipictoc" (11 pages)
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  8. Psali Adam (Cross) "Alhqwc tenna\; erok"
    same as the Psali in Psalis book
  9. Psali Watos (Bright Saturday) "A P_ ta]e`iri neman"
  10. Psali Watos for explanation of the Coptic one?
  11. Psali Adam for St. John the Baptist "Aksici alhqwc"
  12. Psali Watos for St. George " Alhqwc af]ai nan `mvoou"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  13. Psali Adam for St. George "Alhqwc tenna\; erok"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  14. Psali Watos for the 4 heaven creatures "Amwini throu"
  15. Psali Adam for the 4 heaven creatures "Amwini ]aron"
  16. Psali Watos for Archangel Michael "Are\ eron w Emmanouhl"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  17. Psali Adam for Archangel Michael "Aitwb\ `mmok panou;"
  18. Psali Watos for the 24 Priests "Aier\elphc erok panou;"
  19. Psali Adam for the 24 Priests "Are\ eroi panou;"
  20. Psali Watos for St. Filopatir "Amwini maren;wou"
    This page contains a vertical note: "xxxx xxxx We wrote the Adam before the Watos"
    "كتبنا الادام قبل الواطَس xxxx xxxx"
    (I could not read it well)
  21. Psali Adam for St. Filopatir "Amwini throu `mvwou"
  22. Psali Watos for St. Shenouda the Archimandrite  "Are\ eron w Pxc?"
  23. Psali Adam for St. Shenouda the Archimandrite  "Aitwb\ `mmok pa_"
  24. Psali Watos for The Virgin "Aiounof ejen nhetaujoc nhi"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  25. Psali Adam for The Virgin "Aimenre ;metcaie"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  26. Psali Adam for Archangel Gabriel "Anon `nnixrictianoc"
    The same as the Psali in Psalis book
  27. Psali Adam (Circumcision) "Aniou`i `mP_"
  28. Psali Watos for St. John the Baptist "Are\eroi pa_"
  29. Psali Adam for St. John the Baptist "Aivai `nnabal"
  30. Psali Watos (Epiphany) "A piouro `n;kthcic"
  31. Psali Adam (Epiphany) "A P_ erouoro"
  32. Psali Watos for The Virgin
  33. Psali Adam for The Virgin

You can download the complete manuscript as JPG with very good resolution from Birmingham University site.

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ممكن اللينك لو سمحت لاني معرفتش اجيبه من علي موقع الجامعة

Amir Latif said...

You can find it here (Pictures not PDF)

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