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Sunday, July 29, 2012

Prayers Manuscript

Page showing information about the 
This manuscript contains many peace giving, asking and prayers of the saints.

I can not read well the name of the monastery where the manuscript belongs, but what I could read is that it belongs to the monastery (Frsena) which is known as St. George monastery.

"وقف على دير ... فرسينه الملقب بدير ماري جرجس"
"وقد صار هذا الكتاب وقف مؤبد وحبساً مخلداً على هذا الدير المذكور لا يباع ولا يرهن ولا يخرج عن وقف الدير المذكور بأي وجوه التلاف ومن تعدا واحده بنوع ال.. او خلافه يكون تحت الصليب والمخالف حاله تالف وعلي ابن الطاعة تحل البركة والشكر لله دايماً"

The translation:
"An inalienable  for the monastery ... Frsena which is known as St. George"
"and this book has been a
n inalienable endowment and eternal bequest for the previously mentioned monastery. It should not be sold or given as 
a pledge, or taken out of that mentioned monastery's endowment for any 
damaging reason. Whoever transgress ... for the above mentioned reason, will be under the cross, and the violator is doing bad. Who obey finds the bless."

It is taken the number 23/90 general rites (Taks).
It is about 249 pages with some pages suffering cutting - divided into 37 PDF files.

The copyist used the Coptic Epact Numbers.

The PDF files arranged according to the manuscript enumerating (available for download) :
01.Asking the Virgin Mary.
02.Peace to the Virgin Mary.
03.Asking the Archangel Michael.
04.Peace to the Archangel Michael.
05.Asking the Archangel Gabriel.
06.Peace to the Archangel Gabriel.
07.Peace to Archangel Raphael.
08.Peace to the Archangel Uriel.
09.Peace to the 4 living Creatures.
10.Peace to John the Baptist.
11.Peace to the 24 Priests.
12.Peace to the Apostles.
13.Asking St. George the Martyr.
14.Peace to St. George the Martyr.
15.Peace to St. Theodore Stratelates the Martyr.
16.Peace to St. Theodore of Amasea the Martyr.
17.Asking St. Mercurius the Martyr.
18.Peace to St. Victor the Martyr.
19.Peace to St. Apo Fam.
20.Asking St. Anthony.
21.Peace to St. Anthony.
22.Prayer of St. Paula the First Hermit.
23.Peace to St. Paula the First Hermit.
24.Peace to St. Makarios The Great.
25.Peace to St. Pachom.
26.Prayer of St. Shenouda the head of the Anchorites.
27.Peace to St. Shenouda the head of the Anchorites.
28.Peace to St. Bishwy.
29.Peace to St. John the Short.
30.Peace to St. Samuel the Confessor.
31.Peace to St. Moses the Black.
32.Peace to St. Markos Al-Anthony.
33.Asking Mar Ephream The Syrian.
34.Prayer of Isaak the pupil of Mar Ephream The Syrian.
35.Prayer of Mar Ephream The Syrian.
36.Prayer of St. Samaan Al-Amoudy.
37.Prayer of St. Cyricus the Martyr.


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