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Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lectionary Handwriting Book

Page showing the readings of the 6th Mon. of the Great Lent
Type: Lectionary.
Date: 1917 A.D.
Language: Coptic.
Dimensions: 34.0 cm x 24.0 cm x 2.0 cm.

This handwriting book represents a lent lectionary dated Friday, 29th Bashans,1633 Coptic year (June 6, 1917 A.D) as the copyist referred in one of the book's pages.
"وكان الفراغ من هذا الكتاب المقدس يوم الجمعة المبارك التاسع والعشرون من شهر بشنس المبارك سنة 1633 الف وستماية ثلاثة وثلاثون قبطية للشهداء الأطهار السعدا الابرار رزقنا الله بطلباتهم المقبولة الشفا والعافية وغفران الخطايا الى ابد الدهور امين"
The copyist name as he referred in the first page is Ilias Al-Kommos Abd Al-Massih
"راجي عفو من له التسبيح"
"الناسخ ايلياس القمص عبد المسيح"
I found this book for sale on ebay and I am quoting some of the seller's information;
*As you see, the text is plenty with ornaments & illuminations.
*The calligraphy is very beautiful. There is no fixing or damage in the leaves. The cover is leather with clasps, and is the original. The cover is also in good shape with trivial damage. One clasp is thorn, and the spine is tight and intact.
*It is formed of 95 leaves with 190 pages.

You can download it as PDF ( I only got 12 pages that the seller has provided, but they are not arranged)
You can buy the manuscript for $8,000.00. (It is still available until that moment)


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