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Monday, July 2, 2012

Church and Altar Consecration

Page 003 (Verso and Recto)
The title and the beginning of the survice
Subject: The service for the consecration of a church and altar.
Language: Coptic with Arabic translation.
Copyist: A monk of St. George monastery of Pitetroas (طرُا).
Date: Thursday, Hatur 5th,1024 of Coptic Calendar (Tuesday, November 10th ,1307 A.D)
Dimensions: 237 cm x 16.5 cm.

It was published as a printed book by George William Horner the bishop of Salisbury in 1902. It was given by Pope Cyril V on Thursday, 13th October, 1898, to the charge of Mr. A. C. Headlam, Secretary of the Eastern Church Association, for the use of the Bishop, on the understanding that, if it were possible, he would print it in England, and allow a certain number of copies to be given in return to the Coptic Church.

*You can download the complete manuscript as JPG with very good resolution from Birmingham University site.

*You can also download the book of the bishop George William Horner "The sevice for The consecration of a church and altar according to the Coptic rite" edited with translation from a Coptic and Arabic manuscript of 1307 A.D.  to get more information and the rite in English.


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