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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Psalies And Doxologies Manuscript

A page 253 or 254 showing a psali for 5 Apip
Apostles' feast
Type: Psalies And Doxologies.
Language: Coptic And Arabic.
Dimensions: 23.0 x 16.5 cm.

I found this beautiful manuscript available for sale on ebay.
I am copying the information about it that the publisher has provided.
This is a very interesting manuscript.
This book represents “Psalis & Doxologies”  for the Coptic year.
The seller is not sure about the date but he says that it looks 250 years old.
Each leaf has 2 pages.
The leaf suffers humidity effects and foxing. A lot of dirt blotches and worming as well . However, the text is not affected and is beautiful.

For download (about 30 pages- arranged as possible)
as PDF
You can buy the manuscript for us $65.00. (It is still available until that moment)


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