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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Kacmarcik Codex

The Veil Prayer of St. Basil Liturgy

Type: Euchologion.
Date: 14th century (1344 or 1345) ; its exemplar was written in 1000 Coptic (1283 or 1284 A.C).
Language: Greek - Arabic.

  • The Greek is written in Coptic-style letters and has several misspellings.
  • The prayers titles of St. Basil and St. Gregory liturgies are in Arabic except 3 titles are written is Greek.
  • In St. Basil and St. Gregory liturgies; the rubrics are mostly in Greek with some little Arabic rubrics.
  • In St. Cyril liturgy; most of the rubrics are in both Greek and Arabic. Some of them are in Arabic only and only one exists in Greek only.
  • The Responses in St. Basil and St. Gregory are in Greek and Arabic. But it is only in Greek in St. Cyril.

Dimensions: 168 x 140 cm.
Source: HMML Sep. United States. Saint Paul, Minnesota. Contents:
The Greek texts of the liturgies of St. Basil, St. Gregory and St. Cyril with an Arabic translation of the liturgies of St. Basil and St. Gregory. But some texts of St. Gregory liturgy are not translated. The Final Blessing prayer of St. Basil is also not translated.
Rarely did the copyist write the responses of the Diakwn and the Congregation.


William Macomber Oct. 1974

In 1975 William F Macomber announced that he has discovered the Kacmarcik Codex in "Le Muséon" magazine [1]. Then he published part of the Greek text in 1977 in a periodical [2].
One year later- 1978, Samir Khalil Samir - an Egyptian Jesuit priest - published the Arabic translation of the codex according to the Greek manuscript preserved in The National Library of France number 325 in that periodical [3].
Macomber found this MS with a man called Frank Kacmarcik in the state Minnesota of U.S.A.

The importance of that manuscript is that it is the first handwriting book giving the texts of the prayers before the anafora. And it is the first book giving the Greek text of St. Cyril liturgy.

For download
as JPG (The source) [4]
as PDF

[1] Macomber, W.F., op. cit., Le Muséon 88, (1975), p. 391-395.

[2] Macomber, W.F., op. cit., Orientalia Christiana Periodica, (1977), p. 308-335.

[3] Samir Khalil, "Le codex Kacmarcik et sa version arabe de la liturgie Alexandrine" cited by OCP 44 (1978), P 74-106; 342-390.

[4] You can listen to a Greek Liturgy of St. Basil and follow the prayers through the manuscript.

Parts 01 - 02 - 03 - 04

* I got most of these information from Father Athanasius St. Macarius book "القدًّاس الإلهي, سرُّ ملكوت الله - الجزء الثاني".


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