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Friday, June 22, 2012

Euchologion Manuscript

This is a manuscript of an Euchologion copied by the monk Yostos Ava Anthony (not the famous saint of the 20th century) from an euchologion script in St. Pavly Monastery Al -Bahr Al-Ahmar on Saturday 23 Apip 1568 of Coptic Calendar as referred in one of its papers.

A page showing the copier name and the date.
I found it in an Arabic forum "منتدى العملات والطوابع العربي" which is read "Montada Al-Omlat Wal-Twabe Al-Araby" uploaded and owned by a person called Hany Abo Mohammed. He said that he bought it from some person who has inherited it form his ancestors.

I got only 5 pages of the manuscript that the owner has uploaded to the forum.

For download as PDF


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